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This eighth grade class is using the most modern medium and transferring our writing skills from the classroom to a public forum- the blog. They've created blogs that are based in topics that they have chosen, and are given a weekly prompt designed to view their subject in a new and unique way.

by A

teacher: Mr. Rezac

Class Assignments
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         Lately I've been noticing that a lot of food is going to waste. People end up throwing food away because it is rotten or the sell-by date has been past. Don't you ever wonder if we could do something with the left over food that sits in landfills until the day that it decomposes? 

        Since oil prices have been raising recently, people are starting to become creative and  are thinking of new ways to fuel their automobiles without using the expensive, polluting, contaminating crude oil. I think that we should be able to use what we have so much of to fuel our cars-rotten food. If we could somehow find a way to use old food for fuel, the world would be a cleaner, healthier, more sanitary place to live because we wouldn't have so much stinky garbage in the landfills and we would rest assure knowing that the money we spent on our groceries a week ago isn't going to waste.

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Hi, I like to cook. I am going to tell you how to make a grilled cheese sandwich. First, you turn on the stove. Next take two slices of bread, and butter one side of each slice. Put one slice facing down and put a piece of American cheese on top. Put the other slice on top of the cheese, butter side facing up. Once the first slice is golden brown, flip it over and cook the other side.

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