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Water comes from rain and snow. After it rains or snowes the water goes down a river or stream it goes to a watershed. There are 3 basins. The first watershed out of 3 was polluted so we could not get drinking water fron it any more which left us with 2 basins. They put a dam in front of basin one so it wouldn't pollute 2 or 3. Then they built a wooden pipe in basin two. Today we have filter plants where we filter our water so we can reuse it. Step one it goes through the screen house where the take out all the big stuff. Step two is where they take out all the smaller stuff. Step three is where they clean the dirty water in the first cleaning house. Step 4 is where they they primary cleaner. Step 5 is where they go through the chlorine baths and off to the bay.
ps They polluted one was basin one.
pss I can't wait until the next field trip.

By Luke
(Spelling and typing by Prof. McG)
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