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These were some of the subjects our class agreed to do differently.
One of the subjects is destruction of propriety. The reasons why you should not destroy propriety are it is rude, also, the item could be valuable, and you yourself, might have to pay for it or replace it. Another reason is it is disrespectful towards the person, you, and everyone involved.
A 2nd subject we’ve decided to improve on is our behavior on the bus. You should not “bus surf”, which is standing while the bus is in motion. You should not eat or drink food or drinks on the bus. You shouldn’t use your “outdoor” voice inside the bus; it is distracting to the driver and annoying to other passengers. Consequences to these actions are getting write-ups, and also, being unable to ride the bus to school for up to a full year! This could make you parents quite angry considering THEY would have to drive you to school every morning until you’re able to ride the bus again.
The 3rd subject we discussed to show improvement in is P.E. One issue we have is not paying attention or respecting and honoring our P.E theacher. He works very hard to teach us and we should show him respect. Leaving people out is another large problem. When people are left out, not everyone is having fun, making it harder to enjoy the class fully, plus, its nice to include EVERYONE. An additional difficulty in P.E. would be not everyone in the class is participating or giving 100% effort.
Our final problem was behavior in the hallways. Talking was a major problem in the halls. Another was clumping people together and not staying in thin, narrow lines so other people could walk past us. Our last problem was people were coming to class late and stray from the group, causing a hold up in activities.
Hopefully, we can solve these problems effectively
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