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by teacher: Professor McGonagall
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Dear pofessor mcgonagall

I had a wonderful time on the fieldtrip in which I learned so many new things.  In this letter I am going to name a few things that I have learned.


First let me start of by the water treatment plant.  I did not know that there are so many steps they have to take to clean the water.  New words like floc, chemicals, impurities, backwash and filter are just a few of the new words that I have learned.


Then we went to the waste water treatment plant.  I never thought that I will go to a place like this in my life and to find it interesting as well.  They need to remove harmful solids from the water and then put the water thru several treatments before it is discharged into the Bay.  I don’t mind learning of all the processes but one thing I disliked the most is smell.


Learning things on a field trip are always fun but a day out on a field trip is not complete without a delicious lunch.



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