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McCain, Republican

Voted in favor of using military force in Iraq.

Wants to reduce green house gases and rely on other energy sources.

Illegal Immigration
Wants to prevent illegal immigrants coming into the United States and make the borders stronger.

Obama, Democrat

Voted to take soldiers out of Iraq.

Obama wants to reduce green house gases like McCain, but wants to reward ranch owners and forest owners for planting trees and helping the environment.

Illegal Immigration

Obama wants illegal immigrants to pay fines but stay and learn English and become citizens.

View Of The War
I think that Obama is right when it comes to the war. He voted in favor of taking soldiers out of Iraq. What is the point of trying to help a country if you’re not? My view on this is why fight and die for something you don’t need?

View Of Energy
I’m still with Obama all the way, but this one is sort of a tie. Obama and McCain want the same thing when it comes to energy but it is a little different. Kind of like how they both want to become president but do different things. hey want to do something about greenhouse gases but McCain wants to use other energy sources such as nuclear energy, while Obama wants people to plant trees and planting trees helps the environment.

View On Immigrants

I think Obama is right on this one. He thinks illegal immigrants shouldn’t be in the U.S illegally. They should pay a fine and then come in learn English and become a citizen. All McCain is thinking about is stopping them from coming in. I think that they take jobs that U.S citizens don’t take anyway.

My View

I would love to see Obama win the election. I think he is the best canidate. I think he is right on most things. I hope Obama does well for the environment and sticks by his word because lots of presidents don’t.

Go Barrack Obama!

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