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On 10-26-08,  i had an adventure. In a place i went many times, But found new spots there. It was a park. I went there with my sister threw out secret passage. But i can't tell you where it is. TOP SECRET! Any way, my sister brought her beanie baby. It was a duck. It was one of those new beanie baby 2.0s. We have a bunch of those. That was the one she got the day before. We went to the park and where all alone. My sister went straight to playing and i stoped. I remembered my mom had wanted something from the tree. Long story, but i found aa sopt on one of the Oak tress that had some in a low spot. Or the lowest it got. I got a large stick and wacked it a few times. Then i got 2 nice big ones. Then i followed my sister. I also ate bunchs of black berries.So many things had changed there. A tree had fallen at one of the passages. And part of the golf net rope and riped much and was dangling. I took that large stick with me. I went to the passage where the tree had finaly fallen. it had been pretty choped up my beavers and had a beaver not chewy net around it. I passed the tree and hung above the creek. swishing the stick in the lush crystal clear water. It makes my so thirsy right now. And it made such a wonderful sound in the water. Then i let my stick go in the lush water. The end!

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