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The first experience of being a water drop. Seeing how water comes in your house and out.It starts out with the ice and snow melting from the glacier up on Mt. It flows throu the River to the Diversion Dam. Then flows into a long pipe line to Lake. After sedimintaion it flows into Creek.Witch then it goes into Lake. After that the water gets sucked into the Intake Pipe in basin two. Back then the Inthake Pipe was in basin one but with to much pollution, loss of water and seuage it was moved to basin two.Now back to work. As the water is moving in the pipe it goes to the GreenHouse. Then it goes to the WaserTreatment Plant to make the water safe to drink. This proses starts with geting all of the big stuff out of the water. But there is little dirt particles still in the water. We need to get the dirt outof the water so we can drink it. So they put two different kind of cemicles. So the cemicles get the dirt out. Now the water is safe to drink.

Part two Waste

So you know that you got fresh, clean water. So how does the waste get clean? Here's how they do it. After you use the water you got it goes thru a long pipe to the WasteWater TretmentPlant. Now the real proses begins. They start with geting all of the big stuff out. Then they get the little stuff out. Then they clean it alot. Then more and more.

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