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Annabel Green


Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Write a 150 word + story explaining the water treatment plant

New learning, favorite part and what surprised me.



            On 10-22-08 Prof. McG's 5th grade class went to the water treatment plant and wastewater treatment plant. I, Annabel Green, went on this field trip and I will now tell you about my experiences. We started on a studle bus. That had nice seats and feet rests. On the bus we meet Miss. Drizzle and Miss. Sprinkle and learned the watershed song. Our 1st stop was in basin 1. There we drew a picture of what our watershed in city litmus looked like. When we were done we got back on the bus and watched a short movie on what we would see next at the water treatment plant.


            When we got to the treatment plant. We took a seat in the front room. There miss. Drizzle talked to us about what we are going to do next. Then we split into two groups, one with miss. Drizzle and one with miss. Sprinkle. I went with miss. Drizzle.


 We 1st went up stairs where we sat and talked about our watershed and where we get out water from. To make asking questions fun. At the beginning of each station we had a short interview. Next we went to the mixing chamber. We there talked about the alum and pyolen. These are to camicals that atrack to dirt that makes them in to big chucks. After that we went in to a different room and learned about soda ash. They put soda ash into the water to make it don’t so sour. Then we went into the filter room where we learned about the 3 layers in the water that filter it. There is on the top a layer of ash or coal. The water can easily get though this but not the big chucks that were maked in the mixing chamber. The second layer was of sand and the last lyare of rock.after that we went down under and learned about the pipes and where they go.then we looked at a modle of our watershed and last we made our our water treatmeant plant.


When all these was done we went outside and ate our lunches. My fasvorite part was making our own water treatment plant and looking at the modle. I was surprised me was that one of the things they use to clean the water is coal. A new learning is that they color code there pipes.


After we had lunch. We went to the wastewater treatment plant. We 1st went in, sat down and miss. Drizzle had anthor talk with us. This time it was a learning talk. She showed us all the different steps the water will go though and what the look like before and after they go thogh the step. Then we went out side where it did not smell good at all. We got in our groups once more.


My group, first went to where they take the screen out. We saw all the big things that were taken out of the water. Many years ago, a man would have to go in knee hith dirt water and remove the big things. Now machines do this. When we were done we went to a room where they took out all the small things like peas, corn and chewed up gum. Next we went on to the stinkiest place yet, the primary. In the primary they let the water sit and after it sits for a long time scum rises to the top and sludge drops to the bottom. A machine takes this scum off. After it goes though the primary it goes though the secondary where the same things happen but they had chemicals added. Last it goes though the chorin. It looks like a maze. look





Ocean exit                                                                       pipes enter                


the water after goes to the bay. Soon after we went back in the front and bored the bus. Only it wouldn’t start so we played a few games tell our new bus came. And that was the end of our trip.




 By, Annabel green

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