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The harsh reality of living in Saskatchewan must have been frightful to early settlers. The long days of summer quickly ripen crops. For farmers to get their crops off the land before the hard frost means endless days of harvesting. The anxiety of having a successful crop year or not having enough food for winter dominated rural life. It wasn't long ago that everyone helped everyone. Even with todays modern machinery, farmers help each other to get the crops off the land. Working cooperatively is truly a quality of Saskatchewan.

The people of Saskatchewan are a generous group of people. Helping their neighbors with any task is common place. Stopping alongside the highway to see if travelers need assistance is not done everywhere. Pushing a stranger out of a snowbank is common. Saying hello to someone walking down the street is polite. Supporting Kinsman Telemiracle for over 30 years has become an institution. Holding a door open so somebody might enter shows manners. These types of qualities are common in people from Saskatchewan. I am thankful for growing up in Saskatchewan and learning about these great qualities.

As we celebrate thanksgiving this weekend, why are you thankful?

Have a great thanksgiving!


Mr. E

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