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A cozy little stop where, technology in language arts, history and geography, meld together for Room 301 students at Deer Park.

by logan r

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It’s Sunday night and I’m sitting at home writing about my weekend once again. So if you’ve ever read one of my previous blogs about my weekend, you would know it all starts when the good old Friday bell rings and I wait for my older brother picks me up from school. But this week, it’s different. The difference is that the weekend this week started when the school bell rang on Thursday on account of Friday being a P.A. day. Then we go home, relax, have a cigar (not) and then wait for Friday.
On Friday the day is also a relaxing day as most of my weekend is. When time came after convincing and annoying my older brother to buy me an amazing new PSP game called God of War Chains of Olympus. Then the only thing that could part me from it was the sweet sound of the word: dinner.
On Saturday it was planned that we would go to my cousins house and we did just that. It was my cousin’s birthday and she got to choose what we had for dinner. She chose Chinese. We stayed up all night. The day after it was time to go home because it was the end of season party for my Soccer team and then after we came home and I am right now, writing this.

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cool blog
Posted September 30, 2008 at 05:00 PM by • annie
Posted September 30, 2008 at 05:00 PM by • annie

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Hey my name is Logan I am 12 years old and I created this blog. I go to Deer Park Public School in Toronto, Ontario. I love soccer and I my position is forward. My favourite soccer team is Arsenal FC which is based in London, England. They play in the Barclays English Premier League and their biggest rivals are Manchester United FC and also Chelsea FC. My birthday is April 30th. I have a mom, a dad, an older brother, and a younger sister. I have a PS3 and a Wii. My favourite game is Fifa 08 and I can’t wait until Fifa 09 comes out in Canada. My favourite foods are pizza, pasta, ribs, and every kind of soup. I lived in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia for three and a half years. I really like art and design and when I grow up I want to become a soccer player or an Interior Designer or a Photographer.

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