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I’m so glad my parents let me get a pet I’m so happy!

In the pet shelter I saw a lot of animals. I saw Golden Retrievers, Rotwilers, Boxers, one Tea Cup poodle, a black cat, a Siamese cat, brown cats with gray stripes, a black & white cat, a white & brown hamster, ferrts, and one water turtle.

I like the hamster, the turtle, the Tea Cup Poodle, and the Siamese cat. The Turtle is small and cute but it always needs to be in water. I love the hamster but I don’t know anything about them! The Tea Cup Poodle is small, cute, and can travel. The Siamese cat is so cool it looks like it has a mask on its face. I want the Siamese cat because it's so cool and I love cats. The Siamese cat has a black mask over its eyes. It has tan colored fur. Its paws are also black, and it has blue eyes and a long thin black tail.

I chose the Siamese cat because I like the name Siamese, number one. Number two, it's so cool how it walks so gracefuly and dosen’t make a sound. And number three, when you have Chinese writing ink out and paper it will stick its paw in the ink and make a paw print.

I love my Siamese cat and will always take care of it.
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You made me think of how my family REALLY wants to get a new cat. We've had ones in the past but I'm not too happy about getting a new one. In the past, the cats always wake ME up to get fed and I always clean the kitty litter. And we have to worry about what to do with them on vacations!

But you know and I know we'll probably still get a new cat no matter what I think. sigh. . . .
Posted September 29, 2008 at 08:12 PM by • Mr. Brune
Posted September 29, 2008 at 08:12 PM by • Mr. Brune

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