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We are senior or former students of Puahue School. Some of us want to keep blogging and some of us have moved on to other places in the world, but our blogs remain a record of our learning at primary school.

by Kyla teacher: C Knight
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Beijing is the capital of China. It has been the capital for over 700 years. It is the 2nd largest city. In the Forbidden City the Emperors lived there for 500 years. They used to rule China. But now China has changed a lot. It’s now got buildings that are very high and colourful. In summer it is very hot, about up to 30 degrees and in winter about -4 to 1 degree. They can sometimes have dust storms and there is air pollution. It’s not good. The smoky air is called smog. It’s the smoke from all the cars and factories. So they had to close down the factories and one day cars with the even numbers, like 24, can go on the road. Then the next day someone with an odd number like 35 can go on the road. The Olympics are hosted in 2008. The swimming centre is called the water cube because it is shaped as a cube. The birds nest is called the birds nest because it is shaped as a birds nest. In the swimming centre it looks like it is made of bubbles of water.

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