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By popular demand, RSS has come to Blogmeister. For the moment teachers can set their blog articles to be syndicated by RSS standards. This means that your students, parents and community, and other teachers can subscribe to your blog articles in such a way that they will be notified by their aggregator software when you have added a new article.

What is RSS

OK, that was a real mouthful. Here is an explanation. RSS, stands for something so technical that no one knows what it means. Most people say that it's an acronym for Real Simple Syndication. Basically, that means that your articles go out on the Net in such a way that people can easily keep tabs on your thoughts and thinking, without having to come to your blog site every day. RSS is very important and will become an increasingly prevalent part of how we use information.

It works like this. When you post or update a blog article, Blogmeister generates an XML file that describes all of the articles in your blog space. As people happen upon your blog, they see an orange XML logo by the title of your blog space, and right click it to capture the link URL, called your "Feed".

The subscriber then loads their aggregator. An aggregator is software that keeps track of and helps you to organize the information sources that they/you have subscribed to. The aggregator goes out on regular intervals and checks all of these XML files for any additional blog articles. When it finds one, it grabs the article making it available to the owner.

One way of looking at your aggregator is to call it your personal digital newspaper. It delivers to you the news, opinion, and humor that you have selected.

Switching On RSS

You will need to activate RSS on your account. Go into the edit mode of your Blogmeister account and click Control Panel. There will be a check box just beneath the 2nd scrolling textbox, labeled Syndicate Articles (RSS). Check that box to switch on RSS.

In order to generate your XML file, you will need to either add a new article or edit an existing one.

For the near future, I am only making RSS syndication available for teacher accounts. Students will be coming on, but I want us to have a chance to work out any bugs before we bring everyone one. I'll be adding more information about RSS to this article later. Right now, I have to go to the coffee shop to write.


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