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June 9, 2008

My weekend was great.

I went to my dad’s house on Friday with my little cousins who were only girls, my little brother, and my little sister of course. My dad told me and my sister to go outside to watch them play because none of them were able to watch themselves.

On Saturday I went to my Auntie Shawn’s house to play with my little baby cousin Noah because I missed him. His birthday was May 31, 2008 and I bought him a truck for his first birthday because it was a lot of fun to play on. Noah always scratches me when I come over. On Saturday I also had to feed him because his mom was helping Grandma.

On Sunday I had to go to my cousin’s high school graduations because it was a very important moment. My cousins Portia and Jamill are the ones who graduated from high school. My cousin Andrea is graduating tomorrow because they go to different schools.

June 10, 2008

What’s on my mind is my Auntie Gina’s birthday because it’s today and I wrote her a few words to explain that I love her lot. She lives in Federal Way so I don’t know if I’ll be able to go to her birthday party, last year we went skating and she fell down when she was getting to the tables because she might have not had control.

My cousin also has her graduation today and I don’t know if I can do both in one day because two of my cousins already graduated and I have to go see another one because I don’t want to go to two peoples graduations and not go to my other cousins graduation.

Field day is what I’m thinking about too because the field day is tomorrow and I have to do something with my friends and I don’t want to forget about because it’s important.

My baseball practice is on Thursday too so this time I actually want to make to my baseball practice because last time the field was too dangerous so we weren’t able to go to it. My mom got a call from my coach saying it’s too muddy to play on.

June 11, 2008

I’m looking forward to going to Florida again because I had a lot of fun there and I want to go back. Going to Florida was special because that was my first plane trip and I was so excited to sit next to my older brother.

I like going to my Dad’s house to swim every summer but I might not be able to do it this year unless his friend Lauren is able to take my brother’s, sister, and I to go to the pool. My mom has to say if we have permission to go to the pool.

Last summer I went to a lot of places. My Auntie Gina took my sister and I to this pool and this year we could go to the Wild Waves Theme Park. I’ve always had to go to pools first before I went there because I had to learn how to swim in regular water before going to rides to slide on and then fall into the water safely and carefully. My cousin Jayde should come too. My mom doesn’t like swimming but I want to try and make her come to swim this time.

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