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4th Hour MultimediaArts

In these two classes we explore the expressive world of music and multimedia. We create our own music compositions or multimedia presentations utilizing numerous music technology and multimedia tools including digital audio editing/recording, MIDI sequencing, looping, image editing, animation, game development, and presentation software.

by KJ

teacher: Marj Haber

Class Assignments
Blog Entries

-Video game playing introduces children to computer technology.
-Games can give practice in following directions.
-Some games provide practice in problem solving and logic.
-Games can provide practice in use of fine motor skills.
-Games can provide occasions for parent and child to play together.
-Players are introduced to information technology.
-Games are entertaining and fun.
-Over-dependence on video games could encourage social isolation
-Practicing violent acts may contribute more to aggressive behavior than television watching.
-Studies do find a relationship between violent video game playing and behavior.
-Game environments are often based on plots of violence, aggression.
-Many games only offer an arena of weapons, killings, kicking, stabbing and shooting.
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