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The Mesopotamians were the first farmers. They lived in what’s now Iraq in 2500 B.C. They invented a lot of things because there were a lot of problems in Mesopotamia, so they became great problem solvers. Some of the most important inventions were related to agriculture; the plow, the sickle, and the hoe.

How the plow works--
The plow is dragged by an animal and the farmer walks next to it. It is used for breaking up the soil and making little holes for the seeds to fit through. The sickle looks like a scythe used for harvesting the crops once they are ready to be traded. The hoe is used for weeding the weeds in between the crops.

Why was it invented?
They invented these agricultural tools so they could make more surplus and to farm faster and easier. Today we farm very fast because they invented agricultural tool. Before they invented the tools farming was very slow. In a couple of years people will be even faster in farming.

How it improved lives--
It improved their lives in different ways. One way was they had more food to trade with and if you have more stuff to trade with you can get so much more that you really need. Another reason is more surplus to store.

They are still being used--
These inventions are still being used now in farms. If this invention was not invented there wouldn’t be so much population around the world because we wouldn’t have enough food to feed everyone. That is why these tools are very important in life.

Now that is how the plows, sickle, and hoe are so important. You should be very thankful of all the food you have. Thanks to the Mesopotamians.
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