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Caldes de Montbui

A group of Catalan students went to Pornainen (Finland) in May. Students from Finland are coming to visit Caldes de Montbui next March. This site is thought for exchanging information between both classes and make this project the most effective and interesting as possible.

by Irina Pérez

teacher: Dolors Permanyer

Class Assignments
our voice 01/02
Around Helsinki 11/19
New bloggers 11/17
Travelling by plane 11/04
Blog Entries

Hello! What are your things, I'm very good. I think that the trip to Finland was very exciting and unforgettable!

The best of the trip I think was the landscape; with lakes, green trees, the cottages in the forest and the wide streets and roads. But too, I liked the school and the houses made of wood very much. The things very different for me was that people take off the shoes in the school and also the big families.
Also my good moments in Finland was in the party of Mariona in the cottage with the fair and sosoch, the moment that I swam in the lake and also when we went by boat. I think that this trip was a great experience!

And, the finish people were very friendly with us, and I think that people are very nice.

The thing that is unforgettable for me was the moment that the family sang the finnish song with the piano to say me bye, this moment was the best of all the trip, and will I never forget this moment. Thanks for all the things that you gave me, I hope that one day we meet in Finland..

Irina! bye bye

and..thanks again

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Posted Comments

I don't know what to say..You are so special person and it was lovely to meet you. I'm sorry that I haven't write to you. I will write you so soon as possible!!:) And it was nice to read your experiences from Finland. I hope we'll meet in the next spring. I can't wait our next meeting!!!:) -kisses bye Silja-
Posted September 17, 2008 at 08:22 AM by • Silja
Posted September 17, 2008 at 08:22 AM by • Silja

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Hi! My name's Irina, I'm 14 years old, I live in Caldes de Montbui in a flat in center of the town. Caldes is in Catalonia (Spain), This is in the mountain. I love music and dancing ska, and adventure sports. Also I like slepping. I'm active and honest.

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