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My day a life as a Rock:
All that happens in a period
Of a rocks life.

One day, on a warm summer morning, there was a little
Girl named Annie. She was with her dad at the beach and saw a fossil that had a seashell mark on it. Annie found the fossil by digging in the sand with her shovel and bucket. She found it and ran to her dad and said “Dad, dad look what I found” In an excited way. “What’s the problem?” he cried out to her, thought that she got pinch by a crab. But he was wrong, he saw she was holding a type of rock in her hand. “What are you holding?” Her dad said.
“ I don’t know but I think we learned this in school.” Annie said in a confused way. “I think it is a sedimentary rock! I’m not sure about it…”’
“ Let’s go home and show it to Mom!!”
Dad gave his “O.K.!!” to go home.
Her Mom was a scientist. She is studying rocks right now.
“ Mom!!” Annie said in a loud voice.
“ What is it honey?” her Mom cried out to her.
I found this type of rock and I don’t know if it is sedimentary, igneous, or metamorphic rock!” Annie gasped, she gave her mom the rock. I need a moment alone to do this type of work “O.K!” Annie and her dad said. They left her mom alone in her workshop. For the last past two hours, Annie and her dad were watching T.V. her mom was in her workshop for three more hours still working on her rock project. “Mom, are you done yet?” Annie asked.
“Not yet honey!” her mom cried out.
“Ok!” Annie said sadly. After an hour, she was finished.
“Ok guys, I am done.” Mom said.
“Done really?” Annie cried. “So kind of topic is it?” Annie cried.
“It’s a fossil! But wait. Where exactly did you find it?” her mom said. “Oh that easy, I found it at the beach when I was with dad why?” Annie said, “Because I had researched on the computer that fossils are sedimentary rocks.” “ I knew it!” Annie said excitedly. It was 8:00 Annie’s bedtime so her mom said, “Now you know what type of rock it is. Its getting late go to bed.” Her mom said. “Ok good night mom good night dad.” Annie said. Annie put her special rock in a safe spot so no one could touch it. After getting ready for bed she looked at it one last time, smiling she turned off the light, went into bed and feel in to a happy deep sleep.
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