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Hey Yall! How ya doin'? The reason I am so exited is because we just got back from mountain school=http:// It is like a school but in the mountaqins! It is so FUN!!! We learned about the wild animals and trees! I can't stop putting an exclamation at the end of every sentence!!!( : I am so happy! Lets calm down so I can tell you about it.

First of all it is in the North Cascades National Forest so thet means you can go there and hike or even sleep over for a day or two!
Second of all I liked the food! It was so delicous! For dinner we had pasta with meat sauce. At about 8:00 we had a camp fire. It was nice. Really nice. We sang songs such as Boom Chick-A-Boom. Also Hump Dee Dump and much more! It was all fun! Then we went to bed and we were lucky because we got a story read to us. It was called Eagle Boy. It was cool. Then We had to wake up at about 7:00am. I was tired but I normaly woke up at that time so. Yeah. For breakfast we had Eggs and Bacon. I don't really like egs so I just had bacon. After that we went on a long hike. I think that we found a bathroom. Then we learned about something else but I forgot.Maybe I forgot because it was sort of boreing. Then we had another camp fire but this time instead of going strait to the cabin we went on a night hike. It was dark but fun. We got a crayon and drew a pitcure. Then we had to guess what color it was. My color was really dark so I thought it was blue. I was wrong!!! It was ORANGE=http://Crazy=http://=http:// After that we got to eat a candy. It was a certin flavor Life saver. I don't remember though. We first dried out our mouth then we put it in and bit into it as soon as is got into our mouth. Then if you do that it will spark! It looks so cool! And it dosent hurt! It only works really well in the dark. We learned that it takes you about 30 to 40 minutes to get your night vision good. And if you see just one bit of bright whine light then you have to start all over again. Here is a storyabout what you just learned. One day there was a girl that is 12 years old. She thought that she was old enough for little fun and games. She wanted more responsbillity. (I think I spelt that wrong) So she went to their cheif who was sitting right next to a bright fire.and she asked what she could do. So he said go dow to the river and fill this bowl with water. On the way She came to some snakes on the ground. Carefully she stepped over them. She started to run abit. Then came to a bunch of birds up above. She ran through them as fast as she could. It was scraping her clothesand face. Finally she got to the river. She nelt down to the water and when she looked across the river she saw a black bear with her cub. The girl started to hesitate. Then she dropped the little bowl on the river bank and started to run back. She got back and told the chief what happend. All he said is you can try again. Sit out side for a little while and go back. Take a little think about what just happened.
So she thought about it for a while. Then she went to try again.This time she diddn't run. She slowly walked. Soon she came to a patch of roots. No snakes. She walked over them. Then came to abunch of branches handing over the sky. No birds. She walked under them. Then she finally came to the river. She looked across. No bears. Only two stumps. One big and the other small. She got the water and headed back to the hut where the chief sat. "Well done." he said.
And that is all I remember. That was really fun. Nice story huh?

Now once we went to bed and woke up we were sad because we were going back to school!) :
We ate breakfast and then packed up.

As we waited for the bus we sang campfire songs. It was fun. Finally the bus came and we said good bye to the camp/school. It was a sad moment but when we got to school we had PIZZA=http:// Normally I would have about 2or3 slices , but this time I had 8 slices. That it alot!!!

Well that is all I can say about mountain school. I hope you can go some time it is really FANTASTIC=http:// Or at least for a hike! See ya later!
Brownie Girl( :
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Posted Comments

Wow! That was really descriptive. YOu even put in what we had for breakfest!
Great work!
Posted April 3, 2008 at 03:52 PM by • Sabrina
Posted April 3, 2008 at 03:52 PM by • Sabrina
Hey!! I don't like eggs either!! I had such a fun time!! I can tell that you did!!!

Goldilocks :)
Posted April 3, 2008 at 02:27 PM by • Goldilocks
Posted April 3, 2008 at 02:27 PM by • Goldilocks
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