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Hey everybody!I'm going to tell you about Mtn. school!! Ok, so I was in Mtn. school for 3 days but it only felt like 1 morning!
Okay, so on the first morning we got to go eat breakfast and then we went on a hike,it was a lot of fun! We learned about what we do when "nature calls" and then we went to a little river and learned about 3 different kinds of rocks!!
1.Sedamentary(sorry if its spelled wrong)
Those are the 3 kinds we learned about.
On the second day we got up and ate breakfast and then we went on a hike again but we went on a BIGGER hike this time close to the dam. On the hike we went to this place where if you fell you would have like 1% chance of living! There we did something called Each One Teach One. Thats where we each get to learn something at a different spot and the we call somebody and then we teach somebody elsethe same thing then they go on ahead and then they learn something and then so on and so forth. Then we went on a silent hike. That was when our instucter laid out cards on the trail and we went on the trail alone!! But it was too short of a trail. And then at night each east or west of each lodge has to do a skit and our skit was Why Bears like Honey. Then we went on a night hike and we got winter green life savors and they spark at night when you bite them!! Then there was a white deer but it looked like a cougar so everybody got freaked out until our instucter turned on her flashlight but then after that everythong looked like animals. It was creepy!! Then on the 3rd day we just had breakfast went on a short hike and then ate an early lunch and then we SADLY went home. :(
See ya later!!
Goldilocks :)

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