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Balto was a Siberian husky, and in 1925 he led his team on the Iditarod to Nome. In 1925 doctors also discovered a disese called diphtheria, and the cure was over 16,000km, so they had to send more than 20 musters, but Balto’s team got it back. After that he was idolized and they made a statue of him (see above.)

#3 The Cold
Cold feels like your body is on fire, and like your body is covered in needles. Well, that is not very common in W.A. here you feel like you are in a fridge, not a freezer.

The Weather
The weather in A.K. is this, Wed. –3*c/-7*c, Tue. 0*c/-6*c, Fri. –3*c/-13*c, and Sat. –6*c/-9*c.

Cold, Falling, Ow, Yikes, and Blue.

1 Southwest

2 Eagle River to Wasilla

3 Northwest

4 Wasilla

5 Ophir to Cripple

6 It can save you because you can find your way to the closet town (or back to the trail)

Week #4

Hugh Neff
He is 40 years old, he was a veteran, he was born Chattanooga, Tennessee, He is a dawg, and here is his sponsors: Mary & Lisa Akers
Carol & George Figdore
June Shelley
The Bloomin' Crew
Dr. Tims Pet Food Co.
Mister K's Plumbing
AquaTech Supplies & Services.

Some things they need are: map and compass, warm clothes, dog food, Food, sled, and firewood.

Week #5
“Well, I love dogs, so I found this job so now I can always be with dogs.”

IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIditarod oh IIIIIIIIIditarod Now you connect me with dogs oh I love you IIIIIIIIIIIIIIditarod.

The Iditarod By: Roxas Jingle-butt the 29th
Today is Saturday March 1, 2008 and the Iditarod has begun! What is the Iditarod, you ask? Well, its motto is ‘the last great race’ and, it’s a dog race. It takes Place from Anchorage to Nome Alaska!

Dear Musher,
I can’t believe you=http:// I was the best dog there and you didn’t choose me?! Uhg!!!! Don’t com crying to me when you loose the Iditarod!!!
The Best Dog

Ash, Brock, Crogunk, Dan, Empolion, Flower, Gasser, Hikaru, Ichigo, Just, Kiba, Lotad, Mouse, Naruto, Oobon, Pichu, Quagzire, Rattata, Sai, The 4th Hokay, Umpbrion, Vaporion, Willow, Xatu, Yai, Zubat, I chose these because they are all manga and anime names.

I want to go to A.K. because of the dog race, or ‘the Iditarod.’ The first one was in 1973. It happened because the town of Nome was in great peril. There was a disease called ‘diphtheria’ the dogs raced to anchorage to get the cure called ‘anti-toxin.’ The firs fun race was in 1975. The weather is often snowy and cold, but I should think it would be worth it. Alaska is west from Canada and south from the North Pole. Some of the racers a.k.a musher’s names are Hugh Neff, Silvia Willis, and Jeff King. So again, I want to go because of the Iditarod!

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You named a dog ash thats from pokemon!
Posted March 14, 2008 at 03:43 PM by • Kyo
Posted March 14, 2008 at 03:43 PM by • Kyo

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