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This class is for high school students at Winnebago Lutheran Academy who want to learn how to make music on computers. We use Audacity and Garageband as our main tools, and we have fun almost every single day figuring out how to make music using audio and MIDI, but we also learn how to record vocals and instruments and even play guitar and drums if we need to.

We keep personal blogs (look on the right column of this page and click on our names) to help us remember what we've been working on, keep track of the all the decisions that we've made on our projects, and to share with our family and friends the music that we've created.

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by Dale Witte
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To review, what we've done so far is deconstructed Fergie's intro to Here I Come and recreated her intro using the Tempation's Get Ready for material, while recording ourselves saying "yeah". Now comes the fun part: the construction of the Hip-Hop beat for the majority of the song.

As you listen to Fergie's version, after the intro, there is a new drum beat laid on top of the bass riff which we already looped out. Using GarageBand, it's easy to add the hip hop drums. Here's how:

1. Loop out the bass riff at least 8 more times after the first four loops of the intro.

2. Create a new software instrument track (green) from the menu bar Track>NewTrack...>Software Instrument Track. If the original green "Grand Piano" track is still at the top of your track window, you can use that track instead of creating a new software instrument track.

3. Double Click on the track header to the right of the "Grand Piano" name to open the Track Info sidebar.

4. Select "GarageBand" under the drop down list of available loop libraries. Then select "Drum Kits" from the available instrument families in the left column and "Hip Hop Kit" from the voice list on the right. The name and sound of the green software instrument track header back in the track window should now say "Hip Hop Kit" and show a new icon.

5. Hook up and turn your MIDI keyboard if you've got one. If not, you can use the Window>Musical Typing to play the Hip Hop Kit.

Then interesting thing about MIDI drums kits is that every key on the keyboard plays a different percussion instrument. The bass drum is usually C1 and a snare drum is usually d1. The handclap is Eb1.

6. Using either a MIDI keyboard or the Musical Typing, record a handclap (E flat 1) on beats 2 and 4 in the green Hip Hop Kit track you just created. Solo out the Hip Hop Kit track you are recording into and the Bass Riff Loop track (press the headphones button in each track header) so you have something to act as your metronome. Turn off GarageBand's metronome (Control>Metronome) so it won't conflict with the beat of the Temptations bass riff. Start the recording during the introduction to get the feel of the tempo and beat . The handclaps should start on beat two after the four bars of the introduction have played. Record at least 8 handclaps–16 might be better.

7. The bass drum is C1 on the MIDI keyboard. It is played on beat 1, the and of 2 and the and of 4. Record four bars of bass drum.

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