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5th period Academic Biology

Thoughts and activities here in my Academic Biology, Science for Living and Science 9 classes in a small rural High School in the Weather Capital of the World (Punxsutawney, PA).

by Megan M

teacher: Louise Maine

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Environmental Friendly cars
I chose to research hybrid cars vs. regular cars. A hybrid car is powered by gas and is assisted with an electric motor. The electric motor allows you to use less gas. This helps you save money on gas and put out less pollution, so it is not as harmful to the environment. In city driving with a hybrid car you can get 10% to 15% improvement in gasoline consumption. If everyone drove hybrid cars U.S. gas consumption would drop 10%. Unfortunately the hybrid can cost a few more thousand dollars than a regular car. The Environmental Protection Agency says that driving a car is the most polluting thing that most of us do. In the urban areas motor vehicles are the largest contributor to ground-level ozone, which is a major contributor to smog (a type of air pollution). Cars produce several pollutants known as toxics. These toxics cause as many as 1,500 cases of cancer each year. Auto emissions take part in environmental problems such as acid rain and global warming. So I think that the hybrid car is better than the regular car because not only are you saving money on the rising prices of gas, you are also helping out the environment by not producing so many pollutants.




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