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My Mom 04/25/08
My Mom 04/25/08
Lee and the Ghost 12/12/07
joks 10/04/07

You can run but you cant hide!I can do both and you wont get me!Yes I can.Wait if I can talk quiet and he can hear me I wonder if I talk loud and break his ear drum. NO, please don't do that, have mercy! HA! BOOM! ROAR!

Noooooo don't do that anymore. I will die soon. Ow, no... I'm dying, POOF! He was gone, no doubt about it, just gone.

WhenI got home I told mom and dad what happened, but then they didn't believe me. So then I showed them the bruise. I know I didn't tell you because it gross. Then that's when they believed me. But guess what? They hang on, it's nasty okay. They puked and I think I did too but I didn't.

The next day I went to my Grandpa's house. Guess what? It was that ghost again. I screamed and nothing happened.

It was good tha it was sunny because I just figured out that it's his weakness and the blinds were kind of shut but I went to open them. I opened them alittle bit but the ghost grabbed me by the leg. I was trapped and the sun hit it but it would not let go.I was really tied u in danger now and there was no one that could help me now except the sun if it was shinnier .so it did brighter and that ghost fainted and it was not the end.I didnt want to tell my grandpa because might not believe me and faint and I dont want that to happen because I would get in trouble.
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