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My art 10/26/07
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"Come on Flippers were going to be late for the ice show," said Arctic. Hi!I'm Arctic the polar bear and I'm with my friends Flippers the seal and Squaddle the penguin and were off to see an ice show.

After the Ice Show the 3 friends went back to the cave and sat down. Squaddle spoke up and said, "Lets make our own Ice Show and we'll be the stars"!"Ya,we should. It'll be so cool, lets get started on flyers". So they started on flyers that said, "Come see Flippers, Arctic, and Squaddle the GREAT!"

So a few days later they went to the arena and there was alot of people waiting for the Ice Show. Once they stepped on the ice suddenly 3 big shadows stood in the open. It was B.W the walrus, E.P the emporer penguin,a nd S.L the sea lion."I challenge you to an ice show", said B.W. "O.K lets do it". Arctic BOOMED in a loud voice. Then some music started and they danced around and moving around. Arctic, Flippers, and Squaddle moved to the beat it was one of the most AMAZING things I ever saw. Then B.W,S.L,and E.P fell to the ground and the other 3 knew they won. So they jumped up and down and started dancing again.

"That was the best ice show ever", Arctic yelled."Come on guys come in with the trophy!" Once the other 2 got in they went outside and skated again!


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