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Let's suppose the Andromedans decided to take one of you along to their planet in the Andromeda galaxy just in case they couldn't grow their plants just right. They have the plant brochures you made but it is even more helpful to have one of your teams along to help them.

While exploring their planet you come across some objects unlike anything we have here on Earth. How would you know if those objects are living or non-living? What does something need before you will consider it a living thing?

Feel free to share what you learned from our class discussions and our study of living things.

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I started my teaching career in South Central Los Angeles teaching in modified to full bilingual 4th and 5th grade classes. Then I moved to WA State where I have taught mainly 6th through 8th grade. I have enjoyed the culture clash but notice that kids are the same everywhere :o)

My areas of interest are science and technology but I also love studying ancient cultures and learning about different peoples and cultures.

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