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by Chelsea teacher: Mark Ahlness
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I like my Blogging because…
Blogging is fun, and it is a cool thing to do. I also like my blog because… My blog is colorful, and pretty, and I wrote a lot of articles. I also like Blogging because…
You don’t only get to blog at school, you can blog at home.
And you can blog next year too!

What I don’t like about my blog is…
I might have spelling mistakes, and I don’t want that.
What I don’t like about Blogging is…
Sometimes our teacher says we have to send comments, and I don’t really have fun doing that.

My favorite article is…
The Mystery Valentine
It goes like this…

One day there lived a little girl named Mary. Mary was poor, and lived in her school in a small room.

One day it was almost Valentines Day, and every body was taking about it. Mary loved Valentines Day. Her mother and father died that day, and she has never forgotten about it.

The next day was Valentines Day. Mary had school. When everyone got to school they got out their Valentines folders, and everyone was silent.

Then the teacher Mrs. Lolly said, “Does everyone have their folder out”. Then all the kids said, “Yes Mrs. Lolly”, in a loud voice.
“ Then let’s get on with the day,” said Mrs. Lolly.

Then later in the day at 1:00 they had a Valentine Party. They passed out Valentine cards and handed out candy. It was really fun.

Then at the end of the day they all went home and Mary went upstairs to her room. And had some candy.

After a couple of hours Mary had a stomachache, because she ate too much candy. Then Mary had one more Valentine, and it didn’t have a name on it. Mary wondered who gave it to her.

That night Mary didn’t go to sleep. Mary stayed up all night to think of who gave her the beautiful Valentine.

Then an hour later at 2:00 Mary fell asleep. Mary fell asleep on the hard floor.

The next morning Mary woke up on the hard floor, and went to go take a shower. Then she went back to her room and got dressed.

Then she went downstairs, to go to school. Mary was the first one to get there. She had to set everything on the table that they were going to do today.

Then the bell rang for school to start. “Ring, ring, ring”.
Then everyone came in. But one guy looked at her in a funny way.

Then Mary just walked right to class. Mary thought that guy just might be her mystery Valentine. But it wasn’t.

Then Mary’s teacher said, ” Did you get a special Valentine”, and then Mary said “ how did you know”, then Mary’s teacher said “ because I was the one who gave it to you. “ But why” said Mary. Then Mary’s teacher said, “Because you were the best kid in the class so far”. Then Mary said “Thank you”. Then Mary’s teacher said, “You’re welcome”.

Then Mary and her teacher lived happily ever after.


That is my favorite article.
I also have another one.
It goes like this…

The puppy mail
One day I had to check the mail. And so I did. I opened the door and I saw a box. The box licked “me”!

And it was a little adorable puppy with Christmas bells on the puppy! There were bells on the puppy because it was a Christmas present. And there is only five more days until Christmas.

And then I said to myself I can’t just leave it here. I have to ask my mom and dad if I could keep it!

And then when I asked my mom and dad if I could keep the puppy they said yes. And then I said yes too!

And then I said to myself I have to name my puppy. And so every time I would say a name. And if the puppy barked it would mean the puppy would like it. And if the puppy didn’t bark it would mean the puppy wouldn’t like the name.

And so first I said Isabella, no bark. And then I said Rose, no bark. And then I said Sammy, and still no bark. And then finally I said Daisy and she barked really loud!

And then I said to myself I need stuff for Daisy. And so then I went to my mom and dad again and I went to ask them if I could go shopping with them. Then my mom and dad said yes again. And so then I said yes again too!

And then I said well can we go now. And then they said yes again. And then I said yes again too!

And when we got to the Pet store I went to the puppy and doggy isle. And so then this is what I got, Food, bowl, toys, bed, and I had to get Daisy lots and lots of treats for her.

And so then the next day was show and tell at school and I brought Daisy. And Daisy loved every body. And every body loved Daisy! And then after school I taught Daisy some tricks. And so then she did them perfected. And Daisy got lots and lots of treats.

And then I remembered about the mail and so then I went outside to check the mail and there was nothing in the mail box but dumb old bills.


The walking, talking pumpkin
One Halloween night there lived a really scary walking talking pumpkin. Every Halloween night the talking walking pumpkin would come alive.

On Halloween night all of the boys and girls would go trick or treating, dress up as a vampire, and witches. This year the boys and girls went trick or treating all by them selves. When the boys and girls went trick or treating they first went to their neighbors and then they got already lots of candy.

And then they went out of their neighborhood and they went to the scariest house of all. It was a haunted house. They wanted to go in. And so they went inside and then the phone rang. So Sammy picked up the phone and no one answered. Then Sammy told every body else. And then they went up stairs. And then they went into one of the bedrooms and they heard a creek. They thought it was just the squeaky door but it wasn’t. It was the walking, talking pumpkin. Then they heard the squeaky door open and it was the walking, talking pumpkin. And then every body screamed and they shouted, "a walking, talking pumpkin, a walking talking pumpkin.” And then every body stopped as soon as the walking, talking pumpkin said, “stop”! And then every body ran to the door and then the walking, talking pumpkin said, “stop right now”! And again every body stopped. And then Sammy shouted, “You’re the one who picked up the phone and then hung up on us. And you’re the one who was making that creepy noises”, said Sammy. “Yes that would be me,” said the walking, talking pumpkin. And then the walking, talking pumpkin disappeared. And the children left the room.

And then the children went up stairs and then the children went in the bathroom. And then they saw that the sink and the bathtub were leaking. And then the children went out of the bathroom and the children saw the water. Then Sammy said look the water it’s coming down the stairs! We got to get out of here! said Sammy.

Then the children finally got outside and they sat down and they ate their candy.

And then after they ate all of their candy they went back into the haunted house and they looked down stairs to see if there were any more walking, talking pumpkins. And they saw nothing. And then when they where walking out the door they heard the phone ring. And so Sammy picked up the phone again and still nobody answered. And then she put down the phone and she told every body that the phone still didn’t ring. And then the children said this is getting really weird let’s go home. And all of the children went home.

And when they were walking out of the yard it started raining and so all of the children ran to their houses. And when all the children got home they told their moms and dads they had a lot of candy and a lot of fun. And Sammy told her mom and dad all about the haunted house. And she told all about how the phone rang and nobody answered. And then the mom and the dad said that was we. And then Sammy picked up the phone and she called every body that came trick or treating and she said to every body when the phone rang it was my mom and dad they wanted to scare us. And then all the children had a good laugh.

That is all my favorite Stories.

The End

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Hey Chelsea, My name is Chelsea. I really liked your halloween story because it was interesting. It sounds like you used your 6 traits of writing. In the school I am in we use our 6 traits of writing in 5th grade. I am sure that we don't go to school in the same state, but we can still learn the same things. Well that is all I can type right now I have to go comment other classes.
Posted October 25, 2007 at 10:32 AM by • chelsea
Posted October 25, 2007 at 10:32 AM by • chelsea
Chelsea, you have some wonderful writing here. You should be very proud of what you have accomplished.

I quoted you on my blog today. Most of my blog will probably be boring for you, but I thought you might want to see the quote.

Keep up the terrific writing!
Posted June 12, 2007 at 05:58 PM by • Christy Tucker
Posted June 12, 2007 at 05:58 PM by • Christy Tucker
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