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I should keep my blog over the summer because it is really important to me and I love to type stories and write stories. I should keep my blog over the summer because I have fun re-reading my stories. When I’m a grown up I will be able to read my stories if I’m bored. If I lose what my blog would be on then I guess I won’t be able to read my blog. I guess I could search the web and find other blogs.

My favorite story that I made was the one about the Fox and the Tortoise. I will tell you that story.

The Two Spies
Once upon a time there lived a tortoise and a fox. The fox loved to eat ducks. So every night he ate ducks. The tortoise and the fox were best of friends. So when they were older they were visiting a lot more. They had one thing in common. They loved spy movies.So one day they decided they wanted to be spies. Then they were spies. The two spies made all the stuff they needed like jetpacks, getaway cars, and lasers. So they decided to have their first move. To rob a duck farm.They used one of the getaway cars to get there. The duck farm was full of ducks. “Where should we start,” asked the greedy little fox. The fox was drooling when he said this. Then the tortoise said, “I’ll start over here”. When the fox heard that he took off for the ducks. “Ducks, ducks, oh beautiful ducks.” said the fox. He was passing the farmer’s window. “Uh oh” said the fox as he realized what he had done. The farmer was awake now! The fox ran for the tortoise. He grabbed the tortoise by his shell. Then he said, “we got to get out, we got to get out”! They stopped. “Why do we have to get out?” asked the tortoise. The fox was panting for air. “I accidentally woke up the farmer,” said the fox. So the tortoise pressed the button on the keys for the getaway cars. The cars came. They got away in the nick of time. They got away with 6 ducks.They were driving through the woods now and they were both carrying 3 ducks onboard and were both starving. The tortoise had brought snacks for himself and was eating, that made the fox hungrier. Suddenly the tortoise said, “duck”! “A duck! Where?” asked the fox. Suddenly a tree branch hit him in the head. He never saw him again.

I have 28 articles. I believe that you will agree with me now, right? If you don’t I will tell you my second favorite story.
Differences in seasons

These are lists of reasons that tell what is different and what is the same of mid-winter break and winter break.Mid-winter break: 1. Is warmer than winter break. 2. Is closer to Valentine’s Day. 3. Is closer to Easter than winter break. My opinion of liking it or not: I like it because it is warmer than winter break and you can have a lot more fun outside than normally when your parents tell you to stay in because you might catch a cold.Same with mid-winter break and winter break: 1. Both cold 2.Both have a little bit of sunshine Winter break: 1. Is colder than mid-winter break. 2. Is closer to Christmas than mid-winter break. 3. Is closer to summer than mid-winter break.

I’ll tell you what I’m about to say, THE END.
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Nathan, you made some excellent arguments for keeping your blog over the summer. I hope you do come back to read your stories when you are older. Your fox and tortoise story made me laugh.

I quoted you on my blog today because I enjoyed your reasons for keeping your blog. I don't have anything fun like stories on my blog, but I thought you might like to see your quote.

Keep up the terrific writing!
Posted June 12, 2007 at 06:03 PM by • Christy Tucker
Posted June 12, 2007 at 06:03 PM by • Christy Tucker
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