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This year in Practical and Applied Arts students will be learning about Technology. On this blog I will post videos and articles from class, project ideas, and information about our progress as a group. Visit us often! Students will write about their TIL (Today I Learned) facts, projects, and possibly share some of their work! To view a student's blog please find "Technology PAA" on the right side of the page. Select the student whose work you would like to check out. Please leave us comments and compliments :)

by Ms. A. Swift

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Hello Technology students!  I have really enjoyed watching the videos you chose to put on your blog, and learned a lot in the process.  If your video is not showing up on your blog yet that could be for one of two reasons.  You might have forgotten to request publishing, in which case please go back to your article and request publishing before clicking save.  OR there may be some reason I have not approved your video for our blog.  Under the article you may have teacher comments written in red that explain why your video was not posted.  Please watch the entire video before posting it to your blog.  Consider foul language (not just spoken language but also written language), and violent situations (like those involving guns) off limits.  

I do my best to only approve appropriate material, but now and then something may slip by me.  If you see anything offensive posted on our blog please let me know asap, meaning as soon as possible.  That is not what we are about on our blog or at our school.

Please take some time to write blog posts,  post videos, respond to comments, watch other bloggers' videos, and post comments on their blogs.

Happy blogging!

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