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Do you know why Roberto Clemente was such a respected ballplayer? I will tell you why.
One of the reasons that people loved Roberto was that he was a good player. He was the first Latin American baseball player to be voted into the Baseball Hall of Fame, because he was one of the very few players to get 3,000 hits! His team appreciated him because he helped them get good scores. He was a very talented player, and he was valuable to his team.

Roberto Clemente also helped the people in Nicaragua when there was a giant earthquake. He helped people by delivering food, water, and medicine. He helped a boy that lost his legs get artificial ones. He thought that helping people was a good way to support the people of his country.

Roberto Clemente was a good role model to Latinos because he helped both kids and adults believe that they could do whatever that want, and not have to put up with racial insults. He is seen as a role model all over the country. He helped lots of people believe in themselves. Roberto himself also had to learn not to listen to mean comments from other people that did not believe he could play baseball just because he was a different ethnicity.

Roberto wanted to build a place that anybody could go to to learn to play sports. He called it Sports City. After Roberto passed away, his family and friends built it for him. Now lots of athletes have gotten their start at sports at Sports City.

I hope you learned a lot about Roberto Clemente form this essay. Roberto Clemente is loved and respected because he was a great player, and he dedicated a lot of his time to helping people.
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