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Hi everyone we are a composite class in New Zealand. We love God, learning and sport! We hope you will check out our blogs and see all the wonderful learning we are doing.

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Term 3 2012

Hi Parents/Caregivers

Welcome back to term 3, and a warm welcome to our year 4’s who will be joining us this term. This newsletter will outline what is in store for us this term. It will also be available on our blog.  Please check us out.  The children would love to receive comments from you.  You can look at any of the children’s blogs by just clicking on the name of the pupil. Our blog website is: [LINK] We are called Bright Sparks.

Our children are experts at navigating their way around it, so just invite them to show you it. 

Our topic for this term is ‘What makes a Champion?’  (The Olympic Games). We will of course remember that Jesus is our ultimate champion.  We will continue to make the most of our e-learning tools. (Electronic learning.)

Numeracy topics this term are: targeting x/÷ weak spots from last term, Fractions, Geometry and revision for our numeracy testing.

Literacy will be using the reading lab (SRA). These are graded cards with stories and comprehension activities. Our written language will be topic related.        

Homework will continue to be weekly activities given out on Monday and due in on Friday.  I ask you to help your child/ren to check their homework especially when it is written work.  Our focus is doing it with EXCELLENCE: tidy, thoroughly edited and quality content. I will be very strict on this. Children will be asked to repeat work if it is not deemed to be their best. Spelling will be part of the homework (see notebook), along with Mathletics and reading.  It starts this week.

Would you please sign below or comment at [LINK]  to indicate you have received and read this newsletter.

God’s richest blessings and favour 

Teresa Dunn


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Hi I'm the blessed teacher to have these awesome students in my class. I have been teaching for just over 20 years now and I am still learning! God is so good! May you be blessed every time you come to visit our blogs.

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