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Al Capone Does My Shirts

Horizons 2012 Boys

by Miss Janet

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These are some of the "Thick" questions that you asked during chapter 5:

What is an asylum? pg 21

What does "darn my socks" mean? pg 29

Why is Moose thinking about Mrs. McCraw? pg 29

Why did the Warden want Moose? pg. 30

Why was the glove in her room?

Why is the blanket so important? pg. 31

Why didn't they send the blanket in the first place? pg. 31

What is a warden? pg. 31

What is a parallel? pg. 31

Why does Moose describe his Dad's way of throwing the baseball? Pg 32

Why did his dad want to play catch with him? pg. 30

Why is Moose mad at everyone but Natalie? pg 31/32

What is a convict? pg. 34

When were they building the "Bay Bridge"? pg 34
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Mrs. Palazini has been a 6th Grade teacher for six years. This is her second year working at GFA Horizons. Welcome to our class blog AL CAPONE DOES MY SHIRTS, by Gennifer Choldenko

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