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Welcome grade 3's! This will be our online community for the year, you will get to blog, post assignments and even videos! You will do this all through a code name that was included in the letter I sent you before school started, make sure you hang on to your animal cards so you know how to spell your code name! The first things we will be learning about in ELA and Science are animals, I'm so excited to meet you all in September.

by Ms. Bartlett

Hey guys i'v just came back 2 years later. And now i'm going into grade 5. I finally figured out how to come back on with out a teacher. So i'v done most of the stuff i bloged about 1 or 2 years ago. I'v gone to Toronto and now i might be going to Montreal. All i know for sure that i am going to B.C. in the Rocky Montains in August 10-17. I know i sill made some spelling mistakes in these blogs but know one is prefect so forgive me. So i'll keep bloging to you guys so have a good day.
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My name is Ms. Bartlett, I grew up in Regina Beach, started school at South Shore Elementary School and then went to high school in Lumsden. I have been at the University of Regina learning about how to be a teacher for the last 4 years. My favorite things include reading, painting and my Boo Kitty. >

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