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World Time - Drag your mouse to see the time in other places. In Area 7 we like to give everything a go especially new ideas that might look difficult at first.We are using this blog to publish some of our writing, to post from home and to record some of our learning at school. We love receiving comments. Please, if you wish to comment, leave a URL or e-mail address so we can respond back to you.

by Genieve L teacher: Jane Lowe
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My first star is that I am good at math. I always practise my math times table every night that is why I am really good at it.My second star is thing I do reading every night. I am really fast at reading books. when it is a hard book I take time to read my book until I finished.

My first wish is to be really good at persuasive writing because I do not really get persuasive writing . When I have persuasive writing I get really confused. So I really want to be good at persuasive writing.My second wish is to improve my hand writing. I always stubble with my hand writing but I know it if I keep learning how to do handwriting i will be good at it.
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I like swimming.I also like painting.I have two brothers and one sister.I love reading.

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