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My BrainPop Field Trip

I went on a field trip to BrainPop with my class. It was about how they make BrainPop’s games, and movies. I got to meet different people who have different jobs for the movie’s/ games. Here is what my favorite part was about the field trip and what surprised me.

My favorite part of the BrainPop field trip was making our own storyboard. A storyboard is the script about the movie they’re making. The script is based on what the movie is about. In the storyboard I got to make whatever I wanted. It was fun making up my own story about the character named Moby.


What surprised me is how quiet the office was. I thought that it was going to be a little loud, with a lot of meetings going on. But the meetings are in a separate room, behind the closed doors. I also thought that all the artists, and all the people that make the games will talk to each other, and share ideas. But every person was working by himself or herself. That was REALLY surprising to me.

BrainPop people explained how childern can write letters to Tim and Moby. In my class, we got two sheets of paper. One of the papers was the letter that said, Dear Tim and Moby. You can ask any question you want on that letter. On the second paper you have to write what do you want other people to learn. When BrainPop gets the letters, they do the research, so they can answer the questions, and they will make it into a movie. So everyone can learn about those answers.

It was so much fun learning about BrainPop and how the movies and games are created. I think the BrainPop is a great site to learn. It has a lot of games, and movies to learn about anything you wish. If you ever go to the BrainPop website, do you think that all the BrainPop games and movies are educational?

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