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free glitter text and family website at FamilyLobby.com Welcome to our READING blog! We are a bunch of year 4-6 learners. We are using the reciprocal reading process to help us engage in our reading. We would love to share with you what we have been reading about and introduce you to some exciting and fun stories!

by Parker T

teacher: Amie-Lee Mills

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Blue roses 06/18/12
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Ivy and Bean is a really cool book to read.
Ivy just moved in the steet and Bean doesn't like her. When Ivy and Bean saw each other they knew they would never be friends. Beans mother says in the story you should try playing because your not going to have any friends. Then Ivy comes out in the steet reading a book because she loves reading. Bean loves playing with a ball. They become friends and really good friends. They sneck into Ivy's nighbours backyard. This story has Ivy, Bean, Bean's sister and their mum's. In the chapter easy-peasy Beans sister pulls her out of a bush because a bit of money was on a bit of string and Beans sister loves money. Beans sister is really mean because she just is mean. They sneak into beans backyard. Then Beans mum and Ivys mum becomes friends as well. Then at the end of the story Ivy and Bean end up playing with all the kids in the steet and at their school because their so cool.
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Hi i' Parker Thomas. I like playing games, doing sports and much more. Well every wednesday i go to swimming after school. when i get home i have to have dinner because i get home late.

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