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Me Party!!!

3H 2011-12

by EF

teacher: Sue Halbert

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Red, Silver Necklace

By Elizabeth


Inside the red, silver necklace, crystal sharp solid

Inside the crystal sharp solid, the green blue pool of water

Inside the blue green pool of water, shiny foggy clear necklace

Inside the shiny fog clear, the brave strong animal

Inside the brave strong animal, the happy joy necklace

Inside the happy joy necklace the red silver necklace




By: Elizabeth

Short, friendly

Understanding, playing, kicking

She is my friend




Black, white

Waddling, nursing, eating

They are really cute

Baby blue bird



By: Elizabeth

Athlete, Evil

Swinging, dribbling, passing

I’m his little sister




Funny, cute

Kicking, bouncing, answering

Favorite color is white




Short, funny

Playing, flipping, jumping

She is a gymnast




Tall, funny

Dribbling, playing caring

Have 2 older sisters




Funny, silly

Caring, laughing, loving

Justin Bieber biggest fan






I am the fish that is always calm and hungry

I am the bright sunshine that warms the earth

I am the fluffy cloud that feels like a feather

I am the sun that sets in the sky

I am the pond that I swim in

I am the beauty that is in you

You know I am alive you know it

I am alive I am in the ocean

I am ¾ of the world

I am a fish


If I were in charge of the world

If I were in charge of the world I would cancel Justin Bieber, world hunger, and doing chores

If I were in charge of the world there wouldn’t be allergies, every patent would have a family, and there wouldn’t be homeless in the world

If I were in charge of the world I would make sure that everyone was treated right no matter if you where black or white, also I would kick the bullies out of any school in any state or country

That’s what I would do if I were in charge of the world



My teacher’s favorite color is blue

Her name is Sue

She likes going to the zoo


I like going to the pool

It’s very cool

My brothers a fool


My brother’s name is jack

He like the color black

And he has a back





Red is a that grows out of the ground

Red is a feel that is hot embarrassing and mad

Red is the color that covers mars

Red is the color of the juicy yummy apple

Red is the color of a delish crunch apple

Re is the color of some markers

Red is the strips on the American flag

Red is the smell that makes me happy

Red is the color of our monster bob’s ribbon

Red is the color of the fire alarm

Red is the color of some duck tape

Red is the color of the Phillies

Red is the color of fish

Red is the color that makes me happy

That is the color of red


The man looks over at the dog and said

Log dog

The woman looked at the fish and said

Wish fish














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Hi! I’m 8 years old and I go to Tatem Elementary School. My favorite dessert is triple chocolate banana float sundae. I love pink. Pink is my favorite color. I also love the peace sign. I love to read. My favorite book is The Daring Book for Girls. The place I want to visit is Paris. My favorite baseball team is the Phillies team and my favorite football team is the Eagles. My favorite animals are goldfish and puppies. My favorite food is pizza. My favorite sport is dance. I love dance I have one fish named Sherman I love him dearly. I hope you like my blog!

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