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3H 2011-12

by EK

teacher: Sue Halbert

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Inside the great yellow sneaker, the blazing golden sun

Inside the blazing golden sun, the grassy green soccer turf

Inside the grassy green soccer turf, brownie moist brown

Inside the brownie moist brown, the zooming legs of a cheetah

Inside the zooming legs of a cheetah, racing joy

Inside the racing joy, the great yellow sneaker.




White, tan

Drinking, hopping, cuddling

Likes people feeding him




Fierce, mean

Pouncing, roaring, wrestling

Likes being all alone





Fast, fierce

Sprinting, eating, resting

Loves licking itself clean





Fun, happy

Walking, drinking, barking

Love people petting her




Red shoes, blue shoes, green shoes, black

Yellow shoes, white shoes in a sack

Spotted shoes, plaid shoes, striped shoes there

Stacked in the big brown chair.



I am the mouth of a howler monkey that screeches at midnight.

I am the thunder of a hurricane that grumbles like an old man.

I am the marshmallow that cuddles with you all night long.

I am the burning fire that brings pencil tip-gray ashes and soot.

I am the iced hail that zooms down the dark gray sky.

I am the chewy bubblegum that make huge bubbles.

You see like myself, playful cuddly and graceful,

I am alive.

If I were in charge of the world

I’d cancel broccoli,

Friday evenings,

Chocolate bars, and also

Selina Gomez.

If I were in charge of the world

There’d be darker movie theaters,

Chewier candies, and

Video games 1,000,000 times better.

If I were in charge of the world

You would have fame,

You would have fortune,

You would have junk food,

And no, “Don’t pinch your brother.

You wouldn’t even have brothers.

If I were in charge of the world

A piece of vegetable would be a crime,

All baby shows would be eliminated,

And all allergies would be destroyed,

If I were in charge of the world


It’s fun to play at the beach

I just wish that I could reach

That beautiful juicy pink peach.


I just love to sit

And knit knit knit

With my new knitting kit.


I saw a little pug

He was getting ready to tug.


On the big blue rug.


I wanted to fire

All of the quire

Because they all popped my tire.


I saw a gray cat

He was putting on a hat

On the small red mat.


The mother didn’t touch the stove




I looked at my plate




Nothing on my fishing hook




Blue is the color when you’re really sad,

Blue is the color of the blueberries you had

Blue is the color of a no-cloud sky,

Blue is the color of the tears I cry

Blue is the color of the spring bluebells,

Blue is the color under the wishing wells

Blue is the color of the cold Neptune,

Blue is the color of the big blue moon.








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Hi! I am an 8 year old 3rd grader. I go to J. Fithian Tatem Elementary School. My favorite foods are cookie dough ice cream and plain pizza. My favorite sports are trampoline gymnastics and soccer. My favorite colors are light blue, purple and hot pink. I like to color, eat, sing and dance. I love to go to Port Charlotte, FL, and Paris, France. That’s all about me.

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