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teacher: Mrs. Tait

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Insect number storie's!!!!!!!!!! 06/18/12
Brown``s Coulee 06/14/12
Flubber!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 05/31/12
Geometry 05/25/12
My weekend 05/14/12
Happy mothers day! 05/08/12
Swimming 05/01/12
How to save the Earth 04/27/12
Animal number storys 04/19/12
Happy Easter!!!!!!!!! 04/04/12
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Toucan's 03/30/12
Leprechaun Number Storie's 03/15/12
Dr. Seuss!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 03/07/12
Groundhogs and Penguins 02/03/12
Polar bears 01/20/12
Polar bears 01/13/12
wut did I see 12/09/11
Agribition 11/28/11
Agribition 11/28/11
I am thankful 10/04/11

June 12th.Today we went to Brown`s Coulee.We went
hikeing and then went to a pond and went diping.We
cot water bug`s,we even cot tadpole`s.We toked about
it.We went hikeing aging,we went up a steep hill.We
ate lunch with the tick`s.I saw a cow jaw,I was the
one that found it.We played a game it was fun.
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