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by MI

teacher: Sue Halbert

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Lucky Necklace

By: Maddie

Inside the lucky necklace, the sunny rainstorm

Inside the sunny rainstorm, the rock hard basketball court

Inside the rock hard basketball court, the fiery ball of orange

Inside the fiery ball of orange, the sprinting legs of a wild horse.

Inside the sprinting legs of a wild horse, winning


Inside winning happiness, the lucky necklace







Tall, nice

Talking, walking, running

I like playing Basketball





By: Maddie

Fun, hard

Dribbling, shooting, running

Defense is my favorite







By: Maddie

Playful ,happy

Chewing, running, barking

Likes playing with people





By: Maddie

Slimy, green

Hiding, walking, eating

Turtles walk slow





Time machine

By: Maddie

The time machine is out of order, it’s all mixed up and it charges a quarter

I tried to go back in time but instead it just gave me a lime

I worked on it all night and day and in the morning I shouted HORRAY!!!

The machine was back to order and it no longer charged a quarter

“Wait a second what is that, the time machine charges a gnat”



If were in charge of the world

By: Maddie

If I were in charge of the world I’d make mushrooms disappear, siblings, and also school

If I were in charge of the world I’d make beds out of pizza, Summer every day, and every single person would have a hot tub in their house

If I were in charge of the world I’d make a basketball court in my house,   ice cream would be free, and kids could do whatever they wanted










I am

By: Maddie

I am the legs of a cheetah that sprint wildly on the field

I am the sun that makes a large beam of light

I am the shining stars that glow in the dark sky

I am the bright blue ocean that sways with the wind

I am the lake that sparkles under the sky.

I am the white moon that glows on the still ocean

I am different you see I am

Like every snow flake





My Green Face

My face turned green

After I ate a bean

Then I found out the bean was mean




My car

My car turned yellow

After it ate my cello

I think it had too much jello



My Pizza

My pizza was brown

I think it had a frown

Then I gave it to a clown







By Maddie

Yellow is the shining sun

Yellow is the bright stars that glow in the night

Yellow is the bright leafs

Yellow is the bitter sweet lemon

Yellow is the flame of fire

Yellow is the dandelions

Yellow is happiness

Yellow is the color of Mac and Cheese

Yellow is the bright glow of a flashlight

Yellow is the color of sand on a beach



By: Maddie

Red is the color that makes me feel angry

Red is the color of juicy red apples

Red is the color of sunset

Red is the color of straw berries

Red is the color of cardinal

Red is the color of a cherry



What Cat was Wearing

By: Maddie





What was Wrong With the Ball

By: Maddie






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Hi! I’m a third grader at Tatem Elementary School and I am Nine years old. My favorite sport is basketball and my favorite position is low post and my favorite food is pizza with cheese and I love chocolate ice cream. I like to ride my bike and play wii. My best subject is PE and toy story 3 is my favorite movie. I also have a really cute black and brown puppy.

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