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On June 12, I went on a field trip to BrainPop.It was cool and at the same it was informative and interesting. We got to see many fun things and got to do many fun things. When I was at BrainPop, the best thing was making a storyboard and the surprising thing was that they had a game room.

The best thing for me at BrainPop was making a storyboard. A storyboard is like an outline of what you’re making. It is such a creative idea . I really liked making a storyboard because I can do an outline of any creative thing . It was a realIy fun activity. I am looking forward to make storyboards again because it’s easy to work with . This is what I liked the best at BrainPop.

The most surprising thing for me at BrainPop was that there was a game room at BrainPop. I was surprised because BrainPop was an office and in offices there are no game room. It was also awesome because whenever you want to play you can just go to the game room. I was kind of avid because I don’t have a game room they do. I really felt like going in the game room and playing some games. That kind of suprised me when I was at BrainPop.

I had a great field trip to BrainPop. I was in an ecstatic mood that whole day. I learned a lot there and I did so many fun things there. I loved the field trip to BrainPop. I hope I get to go there on again.

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