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I woke up in an unusual place then looked to my left. I gasped, my heart stopped.AHHRRR!!! I screamed;all I saw was a dark figure with big googly eyes that glowed in the dark standing at the bedroom door. I got out of bed and stood there, looking puzzled and terrified. I took a step closer but every step I took I had second thoughts, like should I really be doing this,he might eat me, or something like that. I was probably the most terrified person in the whole world right then.
So I was tough and went up to it, but all I could feel was smooth air. I went down the hall and turned the T.V on but it was fuzzy, and about 2 seconds later the T.V had the same creepy figure with the googly eyes. I was amazed but scared at tht same time. I got up and went down the hall again, but I went into the bathroom and I looked around - the bathtub was filled with blood! I looked into the mirror. It had a message which said "In 5 seconds I'm coming to get you", and that was written in blood. I turned around, I saw another dark figure flashing side to side as quick as a flash. I ran into all of the bedrooms to see if any members of my family were here, but of course my family was on holiday and they had left me home alone.I got a scratch on my left cheek. So every 5 seconds I got a scratch somewhere on my body. In about 5 minutes I was covered with the scratches. I thought this was a horror house.
I thought for a while, and just then,I saw a bright light down the hall and so I walked down there and all of a sudden, as quick as a flash I got a pinch on the arm. Then I woke up in my own bed. I was so relieved it was just a bad dream. But I was still worried to go into the bathroom to brush my teeth but my Mum told me to, so you have to do that stuff. I went into the bathroom and I didn't know that my sister was hiding around the corner. She gave me a fright and I nearly punched the living daylights out of her.

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