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5th Grade Reading and Social Studies---> The Reading Lab is where bright young readers come to discuss, through in-depth dialogue, literature that they are reading._____ The Social Studies Parlor is where students respond to critical questions related to different aspects of Social Studies, and then discuss their responses through thoughtful discussions.

by teacher: Mr. Volkman

My favorite part of the Doom Machine was when they met Pongo. Pongo is awesome. I think its really cool that he can be in 2 places at once. He can be in the future, but also the past. At the same time....... SCARY. The worst part i think was when Fooney turned evil=http:// i liked him way better when he was totally cluless and flat out dumb. HEY! At least he was nice......  

My favorite part of reading, i have to say, was sitting next to JESSIE=http://!!! Jessie is really nice and i really liked siting by her ALL year! SHE IS REALLY.................. (thinking of better adjectives rather than: cool, nice, sweet, awesome)   She helped me a lot with the miltiple choice questions. I am sad that i have to leave, but happy that we get to go to middle school! The worst part was when we were reading the Doom Machine and then we had to stop right when we were getting to the REALLY good part=http://=http:// SOOOOOOO SAD=http://=http://=http://=http://=http://=http://=http://=http://=http://=http://=http://=http://!!!! :(

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