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by teacher: Brian McLaughlin
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Facebook has recently improved its security for mobile users with features that were desktop exclusive before. An interface redsign, improved payment system, and App Center are all new features. Android login has also changed a bit. Other new features include Reporting Content and Account Recovery. This seems to be part of a larger push by Facebook to imrpove its mobile interaction. 

I decided to choose this particuliar article because it affects me. I use Facebook on my phone, so any mobile changes will affect me. Also, new security measures allow me to feel a slight bit better about Facebook. Hopefully there will be more steps to making mobile Facebook more enjoyable and safer. 


Tam, D. (2012, June 7). Facebook updates its mobile security features. Retrieved from http://news.cnet.com/8301-1023_3-57449317-93/facebook-updates-its-mobile-security-features/


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