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Android Heading in the Wrong Direction

Don't worry too much, the almighty robot is not going bankrupt, but it isn't making as much as it was last year. The company is still growing, but on a much smaller scale than last year. The reason for this stunt in growth is most likely due to the iPhone becoming availible for many cell phone carriers, rather than just AT&T like it was last year. Overall, Android devices look to be more successful than iPhones will ever be in the long run. The Apple phones are pretty pricey, and Android phones just have appeal to a much broader customer base. Despite this one year slump, Android hopes to remain strong for a while.

This article interested me because believe it or not I own an Android device... my phone! I am not too fond of iPhones simply because they are very expensive. My phone does a lot of what its Apple counterpart does, at a much more afforadble price. On the other hand, its always sad to see major corporations (or any in that matter) go downhill. Long live Android! :)

Chen, B. X. (2012, June 5). Is android having a bad year?. The New York Times. Retrieved from http://bits.blogs.nytimes.com/2012/06/05/is-android-having-a-bad-year



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