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My time at odyssey(:

Sixth grade Science students blogging from the Pacific Northwest in Chimacum, WA!
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by teacher: Alfonso Gonzalez

Cockroaches-They are nasty gross and ugly things that have no life and need to die because there is no purpose of them on this world
I know that they are an insect that has 2 long tentacles in front of them.
Color of them are brown or dark brown.

I lived in California and had lots of cockroaches every where for a long time-
They like to sit in your bath tub
They don't like dogs

What I want to know about them:
What type of food do they eat,
What do they smell like,
What do they use their 2 long tentacles for
I also what do know how long can they live
What kind of environment do they like
Do they prefer the dark better than the light?
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I had a great time at odyssey!! The hikes arnt that bad if you have someone to walk with. The food there was okay I mean I ate it so I guess it was good except for the chillie😝 it was bad!! Like really bad, I was burping it up the whole time I was there... It was so bad... The cabins where nice! Well except we only had one heater that worked but oh well it was great😄

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