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Netflix tops Apple in online video sales

This article gives an overview of two major companies: Apple and Netflix. Both of these companies are huge on the markets when it comes to selling technological products. Netflix has been a major video seller for quite some time now. However, ever since the iPad and IPhone have become so popular, Aple was quickly catching up. Netflix stil prevails though, and is beating Apple in one major field on the current markets: online video.

As a user of both Apple and Netflix, I found that this article was surely interesting. I always felt that Apple was better than any other company in all fields due to their raging popularity and excellent sales of numerous products. Today though, my suspicions were not confirmed. In fact, they were denied. I found it intriguing to learn that Apple is losing in online video to Netflix, even though Apple appears to be more successful. I was proved wrong.

Pepitone, J. (2012, June 01). "Netflix Tops Apple in Online Video Sales". Retrieved from http://money.cnn.com/2012/06/01/technology/netflix-online-video-revenue/index.htm



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