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This is a space for adult students of grade 10, 11 and 12 English Language Arts to communicate about what and how they are learning, both in and out of class.

by teacher: Jody Ferguson
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this course was alright I think that i've improved a little bit over the 4 months I didnt really have any goals when the course started so I didnt meet any of my goals. what I didnt like was when we got the lyrics major assignment on the day we started the lyrics unit and we didnt get that much class time to finish it and I dont really like doing these blogs and comments every week, and this exam has me stressed out seven one page essays and a two page essay is so much work to do its insane its like a university or college exam in grade eleven. Other than that I think I've done good this semester but my mark is so low im so worried about passing with such a low mark. I've learned alot this course that I didn't know before I learned how to write an essay and how to do a research assignment. now that I look back these 4 months just flew by and now its almost over hopefully I'll be in grade 12 next semester. :D.
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My name is Noel Gonzalez. I'm 24 years old attending McLeod Adult Ed trying to achieve my Mature Student Diploma. I'm Spanish from El Salvador and a seasonal construction worker. My hobbies are fixing cars, being a handyman around the house and walking my 2 year old Pitbull, Honcho.

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