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Super Size Me

          In Health class the past couple of weeks our class has been watching the documentary Super Size Me. We were shown this because it includes some of the topics and lessons we learned in health class. The doc umentary is about a man who eats Mcdonald's for breakfast, lunch, and diner for thirty days to study the affects that the food has on him. He had many physical checkups before, while, and after the thirty days. He also could only do minimum exercise during the thirty days. 

             Supersize Me was a documentary. This means that the movie was created to give facts about a certain piece of factual information and is showed and talked about it. In the beginning of the movie it talks about how the U.S.A. is the fattest country in terms of obeisity. talks about Morgan Spurlock and how he was going to the doctor before the experiment. He first starts eating Mcdonald's in New York City. During the video towards the end Morgan becomes very and the doctors are telling him to stop. At the end of the video Morgan gains a lot of weight and becomes very unhealthy. click here for more information

              From this video there was a lot of information from the video that we learned in health class. A lot having to do with fat, nutrience, calories, and blood presure. Also Morgan had to manage his weight in the video. A person to manage their weight by getting enough nutrience from food and burn of the calories so they don't gain a lot weight and don't loose a lot of weight. I was impacted by the food. It made Mcdonald's seem more disgusting and unhealthy. 

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