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Are you one to eat food every day of the week, or are you the healthy person who avoids this horrible food at all times? All fast food is bad for you. It is important to put the food pyramid into your diet and eat a maximum of 2000 to 2500 calories per day depending on age and height. Fast food is normally loaded with cholestrol and saturated fats. Making healthy choices will give you energy to start the day and enjoy it with your family.

Super Size Me is a very informative documentary about a man who decides to go on a "diet" where he can only eat food from McDonalds for 30 days. On top of this, when the employees at McDonals ask him if he would like to Supersize he has to agree. When the an first started he was physically healthy. He has three doctors who help him and check his blood levels. They will keep tabs on him the entire time and near the end they told him that this  has taking a major toll on his health and that if he continues he will get cancer and possibly die. When he goes to one of his doctors he tells her that  he might be in a horrible mood before, but after eating the food he always feels great. She responds saying that he is getting addicted to this kind of food and this needs to stop.  Did i forget to mention that he has to buy everything on the menu at least once?

Even though this is supposed to be a message to tell people to to eat healthy, he, himself gained 24.5 calories which means that he increased his body fat level by 13%. On top of eating all of this food he actually limited himself to 5000 steps per day which is the average amount of walking a normal person does in a day (5000 steps= 2 miles.) The doctors that he faced where a cardiologist, a gastroenterologist, and a general practitioner.

I learned from this video that the American race is extremely obese and that we need to make healthier choices and excersize more.

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